Why Adult MILF sex porn
videos are so popular?

In the world of Adult MILF sex porn videos, moms seem so be all the rage. For instance, MILF (a short form for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”) was the third most admired search term on Pornhub last year. It was also the third most-viewed category, as well as it boasts more than forty-thousand videos. Similarly, if you search the erotica segment on our online website, the term MILF brings up over ten thousand hits.

The fact that MILFs play such a great role in Adult MILF sex porn videos makes sense when you look at the content of men’s sexual desires. We surveyed more than four thousand American adults about their desires for my book Tell Me What You want as well as found that eighty eight percent of heterosexual men said they had fantasized about MILFs before. In accumulation, forty-two percent said they fantasize about MILFs frequently.

So what is it that makes moms appealing to numerous men? In order to comprehend their appeal, we require considering the way MILFs tend to be depicted in the globe of porn. Research advices that, more often than not, these women are represented quite another way than younger women are.

In a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, researchers examined the content of fifty MILF videos and fifty teen videos taken from some of the most admired porn sites. The main thing they found was that MILFs were placed in more leading roles, sexually plus otherwise.

When an elder man is in a sexual relationship with a younger woman, we hardly ever bat an eye. It’s a relationship configuration that we have become used to seeing in our civilization. However, we are much less familiar seeing relationships in which the woman is obviously older than the man.

When we do see these relationships, we tend to imagine of her as an object of his sexual dream (think of Stifler’s mom in American Pie). Older women are also from time to time fetishized (there are “MILF” categories in pornography, for instance). The research suggests that not only do dating younger men let women to break down some communal norms plus barriers that might or else be present during heterosexual sexual interactions, but women reported high levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction within these close partnerships. See the hit MILF videos only at our website!